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About Kulturavdelingen

The Culture Department in Gjesdal County works within culture in its broadest sense: from sport to outdoor recreation, arts and culture to cultural heritage.

We award financial support to local organizations under a range of schemes. In addition we produce events and activities that deliver art and culture to diverse audiences. The county has a rich and valuable volunteer culture that provides a broad range of events and leisure activities for local inhabitants.

Art and culture has many functions in society. Cultural events and activities bring people together and contribute to a social community and provide shared experiences. The arts can entertain, challenge, communicate, and question established truths. At their best, they can resonate deeply with our inner being and change us forever. A good arts and culture programme should, as we define it, possess as many of these features as possible.

Cultural heritage and museums
Gjesdal Country has its own Cultural Heritage Plan and many museums that are worth visting.

Outdoor recreation
Gjesdal County has a rich and varied nature that gives many possibilities for outdoor activities.

The arts and culture
The Culture Department actively promotes arts and culture in a wide range of genres.

Special needs
The Culture Department arranges different activities specifically designed for users with special needs.

The Culture Department produces several arts and culture projects and events specifically geared towards children and families.

The Culture Department has its own campaign for teenagers, called Ka vil du? (What would you like?).

The Culture Department produces a range of events under “The cultural walking-stick” (Den kulturelle spaserstokken)

Sport and swimming pools
Sport stands strong in Gjesdal County and there are many different activites to choose from. There is also public swimming pools in the county.

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Mailing address:
Storahuset, Rettedalen 1, 4330 Ålgård

Street address:
Rettedalen 7, 4330 Ålgård


(+47) 51 61 11 60